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Introducing SLS’s New Website

SLS is all about innovation. We’re not only helping our clients find and implement smart solutions for their business, but we are also constantly improving our own company, starting with our website. Here are some of the recent updates we’ve brought to our site.

New layout, new look

We wanted to give our website a brand-new look, so we decided to make a bolder decision. Our layout is now different as we use the dark version of magenta as our lead color. This choice is perfectly in line with our modern and innovative business approach, and, for more novelty, we’ve also decided to update our logo.  

More details on our service and product pages

Transparency is one of our core values. We stand by it in every single aspect of our business, starting with our communication with clients. To make it easier for them or anyone who is interested in our line of work to know us better, we’ve added more details to our services and products page.

People can now learn more about our streaming technologies, and what type of features we can provide, based on the three available options: light, advanced, and professional.

We also provide in-depth research and marketing strategy and implementation services in different industries.

Our new website also showcases our major products: Multichat, an automated bot solution, Homeluxy, an online platform for cleaning services, and Askato, a platform where you can get in touch with spiritual advisors.

More insights into our team and job openings

We believe that any company is as good as the people it employs. Anyone who is interested in knowing us can now read more about our team, as well as our mission and values in our updated About Us page. Moreover, we’re constantly updating our Careers section with straightforward job descriptions and information on our hiring process, so anyone who thinks they’ve got the necessary skills to join us can apply freely. 

Valuable industry news

In our line of work, staying up to date is a must. We’re always eager to learn more about the technological developments and latest news in our industry and we’ve also put together a useful blog where we share this info, as well as our company updates with readers.