About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to connect people with the help of useful technologies.

The SLS team is made of members who leverage the advantage of having a different background. By exploiting their synergy and using their diversified strengths, they work relentlessly to develop great product

Since 2015, the year of our foundation, we have worked in three countries where we have our main offices. Our goal was to focus on working with and for our partners. Our teams provide separately a wide array of services - online business development, IT development, marketing, and customer service. Moreover, they can join their forces and take advantage of their synergy to create any system together, in cyberspace.

SLS for Good

Emberi jogok

Human Rights

We believe that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of their gender, age, sexual orientation, position, or any other factor.

Lehetőség mindenkinek

Opportunities for Everyone

Everyone deserves to be successful, regardless of their education, status, or background.

Gondolatok szabadsága

Freedom of Thought

Together, we can go further, so it’s important that we share our thoughts and opinions freely.

The Management

The SLS team is made of members who leverage the advantage of having a different background. By exploiting their synergy and using their diversified strengths, they work relentlessly to develop great products.

Thought Tailor

Laszlo Czero

Laszlo has an experience of 15 years in building teams and organizations of different sizes in the IT field and helping them succeed.

Laszlo Czero
Tech Guru

Adam Toth

Although Adam has a degree in electrical engineering, since the mid-2000s, he spent most of his time developing internet-related software and focusing on leadership.

Adam Toth
Connections Builder

Catalina Bogzoiu

After graduating in communication and making a jump into the world of IT, Catalina brought onboard a fresh approach in building connections with our partners.

Catalina Bogzoiu
Creative Sparks Responsible

Szilamer Feher

Szilamer has been working in online marketing for over 15 years, but his experience goes way beyond that as he has also been in charge of creating business strategies and successful platforms.

Szilamer Feher
The Goal-Getter

Levente Orban

Having significant experience in running and supporting organizations of different sizes in various fields, Levente is the go-to-person in SLS when it comes to planning and executing.

Levente Orban




Hungary has been the home of several exceptionally successful Internet businesses in recent years, partly due to the high level of education and a large and relevant knowledge base found in this country. This is also why we chose to conduct a large part of our business and product development activities in Budapest. Our local team, as well as our subcontractors, have decades of experience in developing IT projects and supporting websites with up to tens of millions of daily visitors.

SLS Hungary Kft.
Révay Street 6, Budapest 1065, Hungary

SLS IT Services KFT.
Pauler Street 6, Budapest 1013, Hungary

Jobs in Hungary


Romania has undergone tremendous charges in the past few years. The country has large amounts of highly qualified workforce with an excellent command of foreign languages. This is one of the reasons why we decided to establish our customer service office here. This division of our team not only handles customer service tasks, but also represents companies and their products in the European markets.

Our company was a sponsor of the first significant Fintech event, and we regularly take part in local technology and business events.

SLS Service Center SRL
Strada Buzesti 50, Bucharest 011015, Romania

Jobs in Romania


Also called the jewel of Europe, this mini state is home to our company's extensive network of relationships, enabling us to conduct several different projects in the country and also to cooperate with local businesses. Luxembourg, thanks to its economic situation, favourable political and corporate climate, is uniquely suitable for finding new opportunities.

Our company is a member of the "PaperJam Business Club", one of the most renowned clubs, it is a regular participant at the events at the American Chamber of Commerce events, and it was one the sponsors of the Hackathon.lu event.

Jobs in Luxembourg

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