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Online Marketing & Communication

We can help you achieve visible growth by improving your marketing and communication strategy. Here is a short overview of our 5-steps marketing process. 

1. Establishing the Goals

Any successful plan starts by establishing specific goals. It’s important to have a clear idea of where you want to get before steering your marketing efforts in any direction. Since online marketing is a vast and complex domain that is constantly evolving, setting the right goals doesn’t come easily. Therefore, our team is ready to work with you to help you determine your objectives. 

We will have as many meetings as necessary in order to fully understand your ideas and challenges. Based on this input, a dedicated team of professionals will collaborate to put together the most viable and result-oriented marketing plan. Afterward, we will start executing each step of the plan accordingly while keeping you in the loop and constantly focusing on your goals. 

2. Developing and Implementing  

In the second phase of the process, we will start handling the specific developments your business requires. Whether your purpose is to boost your website traffic or to target your audience better with the aid of automatic communications or analytics, we will carefully choose, design, and implement the most suitable solutions. 

After each development phase is completed, we proceed to the next level, which is testing the result of our work. Once the tests confirm that we managed to achieve our purpose, we validate and deploy the project. This way, we know for sure that the improvements we brought to your website or platform are bound to be a successful element of your marketing strategy. 

3. Measuring the Results

A marketing plan implementation always needs to be closely monitored in order for you to understand how well it functioned. To seamlessly do this, we define and assign specific key performance indicators to any project we handle. These indicators are then monitored and evaluated by our knowledgeable team. 

We are counting on the latest technologies and tools to track each project and get accurate data on its progress. 

4. Reporting 

The data we get by performing different measurements based on the performance indicators is carefully analyzed and structured. We will provide you all the insight you require in order to understand the efficiency of our strategy. 

The reports we compile can be based on your specific requirements. We will be able to create a comprehensive and highly detailed report or a summary analysis that is easy to follow and focuses on the key findings. No matter what type of reporting method you choose, we will be there for you to help you interpret the data. 

5. Consulting 

At the end of this 4-step process, comes the final phase – consultation. Based on the results of our reports, we can decide what further steps are necessary to boost your online presence and help you increase your brand awareness. After we reach a conclusion, we will implement the necessary changes that will further maximize your marketing efforts.