Business Development

Business development should be a prime concern for any company that plans on thriving in today’s competitive market. There are many business development areas we handle in order to help our partners grow and prosper. 

Once you manage to establish the foundation of your business, we can step in and help you take further steps. We have the necessary experience and know-how to provide the support that can fuel your company and enable it to expand geographically or gain more visibility and customers.

We can help you scale your business through the following services:

International markets analysis

If your service or product brought you great achievements at a local or national level, your next goal might be to expand your business internationally. This is a huge step and you should carefully ponder the decision before you invest in this type of endeavor. The shift from local markets to the international scene is often overwhelming and many companies are not completely aware of all the challenges they could encounter on the way. 

One safe practice that can help you avoid numerous costly problems is getting a reliable market analysis beforehand. This is one of our team’s specialties. You just need to tell us what type of service you provide and what new market you want to conquer, and we can gather the data you need. 

We can steer you in the right direction with the help of accurate market analysis that includes figures related to the number of consumers, the existing competitors or how your service is being perceived and used in the respective market. All these, to enable you to make the right, data-driven decisions. 

Expansion guidance

We can perform thorough research to offer you specific advice on how to open a new company or branch in a different location. Our experts are able to collect the information you require so that you know what steps you should take from day one. Also, we can provide you a set of valuable tips and more insight into the best practices you should use to get a good head start. 

We can support you every step of the way and offer you tailored solutions on what approach to adopt after you set up your new office and, later on, help you maximize your profits. 

Support in entering new markets 

Launching your company in a new market is never easy. There are myriad different aspects you have to consider, from language to logistics and staffing issues. All these challenges can drain your energy and resources if you are not able to plan and organize each aspect in detail. This is what SLS can do for you while you focus on your vision and on creating the best product for the new market you target. 

We have solid experience in working with international teams, which helps us easily localize specific products, understand the tendencies of foreign markets, and the strengths of the talent they can offer. We can scrutinize the labor market to help you find the most suitable local specialists who will be the pillars of your new business.