Automated Chat Solutions

SLS has joined forces with, a leading business in the field of automated chat solutions to offer you access to the most innovative automated chat services currently available. There are plenty of customer-related goals you could achieve with the help of an automated chat solution. Here are just a few key benefits.  

Next-level personalization 

Would you like to be able to remember in detail all your customers’ preferences and offer them swift and personalized feedback within a matter of seconds? The answer is probably yes, but the sad truth is that this goes beyond the strengths of the human mind. We can’t remember all the information we get on a daily basis. However, automated chat solutions that rely on robots can do this to help you personalize your customers’ experience. 

Bots automatically track each person they interact with, memorize their preferences, and apply analysis and learning capabilities to customize their future interaction with that individual. Moreover, you can program them to reach out to people via their preferred communication channel, which means higher response rates. 

For example, in marketing campaigns that deploy bots to communicate with clients via Facebook Messenger, the opening rate is 98%, much more than you get in email marketing campaigns. 

Whether you use bots to offer customer support or targeted marketing messaging, personalization is key to customer satisfaction and retention. 

24h service 

Chatbots don’t get tired, they don’t need days off work and they never miss a deadline. All you have to do to make sure they work properly is come up with a clear idea of what you want from your automated chat solution and let us turn it into a viable software. 

Whether you want to send marketing messages to your existing client base or gather new leads from different social platforms, you can rely on automated chatbots that can assess each person’s needs, provide customized answers, and collect data 24h/day, 365 days/year. 

As a matter of fact, according to statistics, 80% of such data collection efforts end up with the user entering all the required data. 

No delays

If you’re running a mass business and you’re constantly dealing with high volumes of queries, you can significantly optimize your customer support service with chatbots. These automated customer support agents can handle hundreds of requests simultaneously, across multiple channels, and in different languages. 

Moreover, we can easily implement a function that would allow users to switch from chatting with a bot to talking to a live agent.

In times like these when customers’ expectations are constantly rising, it’s more important than ever to offer them a prompt response and chatbots do this without fail. 

Reduced costs 

Automated chat solutions are a modern and cost-effective way of handling marketing and client support tasks that would otherwise have to be performed by humans in significantly more time. 

Less time spent on repetitive and sometimes tedious tasks means more money for your business and more opportunities to engage your workforce in other essential processes. 

Many companies have already chosen automation to optimize their marketing and labor costs. Why not follow their steps?