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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your ROI With Live Video Streaming

Live streaming has now replaced the traditional download process in the minds of many consumers, and that has far reaching impacts on marketing which go beyond the way music or movies are purchased. If you are looking for the best ways to monetize this shift in consumer habits, here are a few tips to help you stay ahead of the trend line while maximizing your present and long term profitability.

Freemium Streams Build Marketshare & Upsells

As one example, a popular German sports equipment manufacturer recently built out their own live streaming features to entice customers who bought products to become repeat customers, simply by helping them to work directly with a trainer online. Live streaming support experts demonstrate customer care beyond the point of initial sale and become a powerful way to turn your consumer training or support services into subtle a sales funnel.

Bring People Together Without Any Awkward Feelings

Several online dating companies have experimented with live streaming because it adds a level of intimacy that no Emoji could ever match. Streaming creates a much richer experience for end users, because they can share their time and affection online without the awkwardness of meeting in person and that’s tremendous for member retention rates. This idea also works on any site that is designed to bring people together as an online community.

Streamline Operations And Reduce Overhead With Live Streaming

Live streaming communications have already done a lot to streamline overhead in certain situations. For example, a French HR company recently started doing their preliminary interviews via live streaming and saved significant expenses while accelerating their ability to find the right new hires globally. Live streaming can also record interviews, so the information can be reviewed later or shared with decision makers who are unable to attend a specific meeting time. Becoming location agnostic with live streaming for business is money in the bank.


Has live streaming completely obviated the need for meeting in person? Of course not, and there are still great reasons to pick up a traditional telephone or to venture into a physical office space in some situations. However, live streaming is here right now, your customers and employees are already using it every day to get what they want out of life in their free time. The real question is…. why aren’t you monetizing that fact right now?!